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The Ultimate Investment and Asset Management Resource for Small-Scale Landlords.

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United States Independent Landlord Association (USILLA) was created in 2017 as a boutique Real Estate Investment and Asset Management program designed to help Small Scale Investors to better manage, profit, and grow in residential real estate investing. 


Asset Positioning:

How much will your net income increase by renovating the kitchen? Should you raise the rent? Should that tree be removed?  Should you convert your property to multifamily?  Should you get an asset based loan? Is the subsidized rent model truly profitable?  Is this a good time in the market to change your property class? These are just a few of the questions that we help landlords answer. We are committed to continuously increasing project value and returns, while reducing financial risk and loss.  Click for more about our Asset Positioning Services.

Property Management:

With over 20 years of Property Management, Marketing, and Bad Debt collection expertise, we are dedicated to doing what it takes to achieve realistic property investing goals.  Click for more about our Property Management Services.

Brokerage Services:

Acquiring the right investment property for the right price and terms is paramount in real estate investing. That’s why in 2021 we bought a top-tier Real Estate Franchise to give us a credit and visible advantage in our marketplace.  Click for more about our Brokerage Services.


Group Investing:

USILLA has served and/or partnered with over 30 fix & flip real estate investors in the DC metro area.  We know that great partnerships are key to real estate investing success. Click for more about USILLA Group Investing Program

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